Getting in the spirit

My students kept asking me if I was going to decorate the classroom for Christmas, which made me feel like I was being a horrible scrooge because I wasn’t planning to (but seriously, my classroom is the size of a shoebox and is already full to the brim with student work). I’m still not going to (probably), but the thought did make me pick up some lights at Carrefour this afternoon to decorate at home, at least:

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I do like having the lights, although in a strange way they also can make me sad.
And in the spirit of housekeeping, these are very old photos (from around 2 months ago) that I forgot to upload. They are from my walking commute to school and then on campus, to give you a better sense of my neighborhood and work environment (the building on the left in the second on-campus picture is where my classroom is):

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3 thoughts on “Getting in the spirit

  1. I’d leave those lights up all year in the house. I know it’s dorm-room de-rigeur to have year long lights, but they’re so pretty!

  2. They are pretty, AND they have EIGHT different options controlled by a button on a little box (these are some serious lights…I think they’re German, which would explain a lot). So I can have various spastic disco-twinkly Christmas lights, or a calm fade-in/out, or just the standard "on."Yes, getting to look at Mt. Vitosha in the background (behind all the awesome 70’s era Soviet architecture and the insane traffic) is one of the perks to walking to school. However, it is now dark in the morning when I go, so…no more of that until the spring!There’s a lot more to the campus, too, but I didn’t have much time that morning, plus all the kids who were there early were looking at me like I was crazy for taking pictures of the place where I go to work every day.

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