Let there be light

Life has just been too crazy in the last six weeks or so and I’ve slacked off on posting. Anything I would have posted would’ve just been a gigantic whining session anyway, because that felt like all I was really capable of. I am way behind on all manner of updates – Italy trip, faculty talent show, more kids being morons – and I’m sorry to waste my first new post on something as mundane as this, but I have a free-ish evening (as in, I decided it was going to be free, not that I am actually lacking in things to do) and my bathroom light just flickered out and it’s annoying that I now have to pee and shower in the dark until I figure out how to replace it, and it reminded me that I need to vent.  

The light fixtures in my apartment are curious things; I first discovered this early in the year when I had to try to find replacement bulbs and could not for the life of me figure out where to get them. The bathroom light looks to be some kind of halogen bulb under a cover that seems to be screwed in place, and as I have neither screwdriver nor replacement bulbs for that, and the bathroom is in the interior of the apartment with no windows, it might be awhile before I can actually start seeing anything in my bathroom again. The rest of the lights in the apartment consist of bulbs that look like the bulbs in overhead projectors, stuck into spotlight-type fixtures, the bulb itself left exposed. I have no idea if these are actually more energy efficient than incandescent bulbs or what the deal is, but in addition to being somewhat hard to find and expensive to replace, these bulbs, I discovered, coupled with the light fixtures in the apartment, have an unpleasant tendency to explode. 

I discovered this one morning as I was getting ready for school. I flipped the light switch in the hall, only to have one of my hallway bulbs explode. And when I say explode, I mean EXPLODE. As in, visible sparks, sound like a gunshot, shaved 5 years off my life, thousands of shards of broken glass EVERYWHERE that then immediately had to be swept up in the dark because I sure as hell wasn’t about to try any more light switches in that moment and it was 5 am and pitch black outside and Romy was getting curious about what all the shiny things on the hallway floor were. 

It just doesn’t quite seem…let me see, how do I want to put this…SAFE. AT ALL. And I haven’t been willing to put another bulb into the same fixture socket since the incident, and that happens to be the hallway light right outside the bathroom, so now that the bathroom light’s gone out (thankfully without exploding), I’m feeling the loss of this particular light all the more. I am not sure what building code requirements are like in Bulgaria, but they certainly don’t seem to preclude the wiring being prone to power surges that could, you know, explode things. I also would like to not feel as though my options in this apartment are either to be shrouded in perpetual darkness or to wear a hard hat to protect myself from showers of falling glass splinters. It doesn’t seem to be too much to ask. 

There I go whining anyway, even though I was trying not to. Life is too hard sometimes!


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