Road trippin’ in Romania

So, that pledge to post more about Romania never happened, obviously. Though I shouldn’t say never – it’s about to happen, to a smaller degree, now. Granted, I just got back from Vienna this past weekend, so I am now a full trip behind on blog posts. However, I refuse to let this daunt me. I’m going to tell you a story from Romania, and then when I sort out my Vienna photos I’ll update about that. Of course I realize I could also just pretend all these trips are new, because how would you ever know the Bulgarian school calendar? But I’ll be good.

We flew into Bucharest on Wednesday night and stayed in an airport hotel because we figured we’d be too tired and it would be too late on Wednesday to try to drive for an hour and a half to Brasov, which was our next planned stop. It also worked out well because we saved a day on the car rental and also ended up making a couple of impromptu stops outside of Brasov the next day which we definitely wouldn’t have done if we’d been driving at night – one of the benefits of being a little flexible in your trip plans.
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Romania is full of awesome

I’m trying to be better about both posting promptly when I’ve been somewhere and writing actual posts about the traveling done (instead of just being lazy and posting pictures), but this is hard to balance. So this is the quick, prompt post that will hopefully be followed by a couple that are more in depth.

But anyway, Romania is amazing. Prior to this past weekend, I had been to Vidin and looked at Romania across the Danube, but never actually set foot in it, so I thought Enlightenment Weekend would be the perfect opportunity to finally go. Romania and Bulgaria have a lot in common after all: they’re the maligned Eastern European members of the EU, neither one of them can get into Schengen, they both have a lot of poverty and corruption and pollution. But they are also both full of wonderful places to go, though Romania I think takes the overall win on this one due to its being bigger, brighter, weirder, friendlier, stray-doggier (I didn’t think such a thing was possible), and their language being a bizarre pastiche of Romance roots with some Hungarian thrown in and a serious Slav-ization complex. So basically, Romania is like Bulgaria on crack. And vampires.

Here’s our weekend in a photo nutshell (but minus a lot of the fun crazy intangibles in between that will hopefully be illuminated in future posts that I will industriously write later this week):

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Also, our flight from Sofia to Bucharest on Wednesday night was full, but there were only 11 people (including us) on the return flight today. That proves that clearly Romania > Bulgaria.