Balkan discoveries

Some random observations and photos from the first few days.

1) Montenegro sort of has a Zakim Bridge like Boston:


The Millennium Bridge, Podgorica, Montenegro

2) Kosovo has an Old Man in the Mountain like New Hampshire (only theirs is still there):


Rugova Canyon, Kosovo

3) It is a truth universally acknowledged that anyone driving a black Audi is an asshole. Country is irrelevant.

4) There are a lot of cows here (way more than in Bulgaria), and they like to walk in the road:

5) People are SO NICE. Pretty much everywhere we’ve gone so far in Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo, and Albania, people have been friendly and hospitable, pushed extra food on us for free, spoken pretty good English, and even just returned smiles and nods when we wave at them. Not a single person has rolled their eyes at us for speaking English and not the native tongue. Overall the feel is much friendlier than Bulgaria–and Bulgaria does get much better about this the farther you go from Sofia, but still, the people in these countries are putting Bulgarians to shame a bit by living difficult, war-torn lives but not being bitter, cynical assholes because of it. Or at least not appearing to be in public.

6) It’s especially odd/impressive/shame-on-you-Bulgaria that people are so friendly, because the war wounds and evidence of the former/current tensions are still there:


On a street corner in Prizren, Kosovo. At the bottom left, the words “Made in Serbia / Kosovo” have already been scrawled out on one previous round.

7) To end on a lighter note, apparently you can use medieval watch towers as utility poles.


Prizren, Kosovo



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